The best password manager for teams and freelancers

A password manager for agencies, IT departments, freelancers and team workers. VAULT gives you the ability to safely store and share account information.

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Keep your accounts organized

Create groups, collections and categories. Have a better overview of your clients and their accounts. Instant access and a clear interface are key features.

Quick access to account information

Access to all secure information in just a couple of clicks. Your – and your client’s – data are in safe hands.

Store instruction details coming soon

What was that outgoing port again from that emailaccount? You know the questions…Put your instructions into Vault.

Starting with a solid base

For now, we’ve covered the basics. Following categories can be added, but we’re extending this list actively: FTP-access information, email account information, CMS credentials, Website logins, Computer accounts and Database access information.

Want to manage other types of passwords? Reach out and we’ll see how we can integrate it. 

password sharing

Flexible access management

Give access to your clients, co-workers or participators with a few clicks. Decide on what info they can or can’t see and share valuable information. And yes, of course, the sharing itself is safe as sound too!

Two-factor authentication access

Claim your identity during authentication before entering your Vault to ensure maximum protection of your data.

Sensitive data input

Enter data from email accounts and their configuration, server credentials, CMS and other website logins, …

We're launching our Private beta in March

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Can you please
send me that password again?

Yep, we were sick of hearing that phrase too! That’s why we’ve build this handy password manager app. Give access to a single group, client, category or item with a few clicks. The info will be stored in his or her personal account, so you’ll never have to hear that question again 😉

Vault will be the best app to save account information and
share it safely with co-workers, friends and family.